God’s Presence Can Give Us A New Perception

But as for me, God’s presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all You do.
Psalm 73:28

Asaph, King David’s choir director, heads down a rabbit hole in Psalm 73 as he falls in to an earthly perception that the wicked are succeeding and the righteous never get ahead.  Psalm 73 is some very “real” writing (not that all of the Psalms aren’t).  One in which I urge you to familiarize yourself. 

I believe we all feel that way sometimes.  Like we’re doing the best we can for God, all the while struggling through life; yet, everyone else, who seems be living only for themselves, is trucking right along, seemingly in a life of joy and happiness.   Have that perception is a tough place to be.  It’s definitely a place that can bring us down.  Asaph felt that way, too.  Until that is, he went into the sanctuary of God (Ps 73:17).  It was there his perspective was changed.  It was there, in the presence of God, that he was reminded of God’s providence (God’s protective nature).  You can read in Psalm 73:23-28 the change in Asaph’s attitude. 

Do you need your perception changed?

Honestly, this morning, I did.  I went to Psalm 73.  And I was reminded that to be in God’s presence is my good.  He is my refuge.  My safe place.  When I feel overwhelmed, as if life is consuming me, I can go to the Rock and be reminded that God’s ways are perfect (1Sam 2:2), and that He is my protection and my Deliverer (Ps 18:2).  All that begins with allowing yourself to be in the presence of God…you’ll find very quickly, like Asaph, that God’s presence is your good!  (There are a couple of Scripture references there to help you out.  I hope you look them up!)

Kyle Prichard, Pastor

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