Be Conscience Before God

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Psalm 51:8

There’s no harder place for a Christian to be than in a season of guilt and shame that has brought distance between them and God.  As David describes in Psalm 51:8, there is no joy or gladness.  It might be a time of wearing a mask of “happiness”, but deep down you feel as if your bones have been crushed.  A deep sorrow that you feel will never leave.  A gloom that does not cease.

Be Real

David was there.  He had sinned with Bathsheba, then covered that sin up with another sin, and now was dealing with consequences of those decisions.  I believe verse 3 of this Psalm shows where David began to let God turn things around.  David said, “For I am conscious of my rebellion”.  It’s here we see David’s realness before to God.  He allowed his “rebellion”, “sin”, and “evil” (all words David used in the first four verses) to come directly to his mind, and he acknowledged them to God.  There are too many instances in which Christians live their lives without joy and gladness because they will not allow themselves to consciously get real in the presence of God concerning the “rebellion”, “sin”, and “evil” that has entered their lives.  I only share that from experience.  Are you in a season where you feel like your bones are being crushed?  Push the limits of your relationship with God and allow yourself some room for humiliation by bringing your rebellion against God to the forefront of your thoughts while in His presence.  In other words, get broken. 

Be Broken

David says in verse 17 that “the sacrifice pleasing to God is broken spirit”.  He also tells us that God will not despise us when we are humbled and broken before Him.  Allow God to restore the joy of your salvation today.  Start by admitting your lusts and desires and be real with God concerning your thoughts that drift from Him and make a way for Satan to work in your life.  God cannot create a clean heart for you until you first allow Him to see the dirt.  Allow God to restore your joy by being conscious of your rebellion.  

Find Purpose

If you get a little time read Psalm 51.  Meditate on it.  Pay close attention to how David begins by bringing his sin and guilt before God and allowing God to forgive him.  It’s obvious that God works His restoration into David’s life, because by the end of the chapter David has moved from sin and guilt, to purpose in praying for Zion and Jerusalem (for us that could be the church and its calling).  

Kyle Prichard, Pastor

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  1. Forgiveness, such a common word with such a huge meaning.

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