Three Years and GROWING!

Today, February 19, 2020, the Hill Church in Claiborne County celebrates its 3rd Anniversary! It’s been such an exciting three years as we’ve watched our church startup grow at amazing rate. The Hill began as a vision for a new kind of worship experience in Claiborne County, TN, with the mission of reaching the unchurched. That vision continues to become a reality as we’ve watched God grow our church from less 20 at our first service, to well over 100, who now call the Hill church “home”.

People are just real here…


Why such a rapid rate of growth? Many would say it is because of the “realness” of the Hill. “People are just real here”, says one active church member, “when you get around people that don’t judge you, it’s very easy to take off your mask, and then to truly experience God”. The Hill focuses on a non-judgmental atmosphere in all of its activities from worship on Sunday mornings to small Growth Groups on Wednesday nights. According to Romans 3:23, we all fall short of God’s glory; therefore, we just strive to be real about that. It’s the starting point for God to begin to transform your life! Our worship services are of a contemporary style including music from the Hill worship team, and easy to follow teachings from Pastor Kyle. It is between our focus on God in worship, the desire to learn more about how to apply His Word to our lives, and an atmosphere that allows people to be real that are allowing people to find a closer walk with God through Jesus Christ!

The Hill offers something for everyone! Another element that created such growth at the Hill is its idea of inclusion. There is something for everyone at the Hill! Some ways to get involved inlcude:

  • Three18 Youth Ministry
  • Hill Kids
  • Growth Groups
  • Breaking Free Recovery
  • The Hill Women’s Ministry
  • IronMen
  • The Clothing Closet

It’s [community] is one of my favorite things about the Hill


We are always looking for ways to involve everyone we can in the Hill community. “It’s [community] is one of my favorite things about the Hill”, explains another church goer, “I love the family that God has brought me into”! All the ministries at the Hill are designed to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus, created relationships within His church, and to offer unchurched people a place to fit in.

Come be a part of the Hill. The Hill is open to anyone and everyone! We aren’t concerned about how you dress, what your past is, even where you are now; we just want you to come experience God with us! The Hill is a family friendly church with childcare for those 5 and under in the nursery, no dress code, we’ll have coffee ready when you get here, and even show you around. Come check out the Hill and be prepared to be met in the parking lot by our awesome greeting team and ushered in to a place where you will immediately feel at home!

Two services coming soon! Beginning March 1st, the Hill will offer two worship services on Sunday morning. The first will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the second at 11:00 a.m. We would love for you to come give a worship experience at the Hill a try! Our doors are open to everyone!

5 thoughts on “Three Years and GROWING!”

  1. Haley Barker says:

    The Hill is truly a family of people who don’t judge each other, but rather support one another in whatever they are going through. My church family has been their in the bad times to help support me. They have also been there to rejoice in the good times. Anyone, not just some, will be welcomed with open arms at The Hill. None of us claim to be perfect or better than others. We just want to help others find a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. Sonja says:

    The Hill Church is truly working for God. When you feel welcomed by everyone, when you can understand what the preacher is preaching, when you feel loved, when you leave feeling blessed and when you leave knowing Jesus, that is the ultimate experience. The Hill Church IS the ultimate experience!

  3. Robert Barton says:

    It’s hard to believe The Hill is having it’s 3rd Anniversary. It seems like yesterday we were having our first service at Rock On Farms with less than 20 people. Seeing what God has done in these 3 short years is a testament to how great God is. Our church is growing rapidly, to the point where we are starting to have 2 services…. crazy! But honestly, it’s no surprise because this church is amazing. From the Pastor, to the Worship Team, to the Wednesday Night Small Groups, to the Breaking Free Recovery Program, to the 318 youth group, there is so much to love about this church. But the best thing about The Hill is the love you feel when you walk through the doors. This is a nonjudgmental, come as you are church, that will love you, pray for you, and will help you grow I your relationship with Jesus. This church has been an answered prayer for me, and I’m blessed to be apart of it. I urge everyone to come check us out!

  4. David & I started coming to THE HILL CHURCH is May of 2019. We were expecting very little and we received a huge blessing. I have never been so happy to find a church we loved in my entire life. The mission of this church, in my eyes, is to bring the Lord to the community and a life of change to those in need. We, I consider us a part of the church now, are non-judgemental, a safe haven, a place of love. I would strong recommend our church to ALL. God Bless!!

  5. David (pops) Maples says:

    I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the Hill. I first met Pastor Kyle approx. Two and a half years ago during the set up of the Fall festival on Main. Got to talking with him he told me about the Hill. It had been about ten years without a church I called home. Had visited a couple but not what I was looking for. I remember telling Kyle that I was hungry,as in hungry for church and getting back to worshipping and learning more about our Lord”. Kyle told me to come to church Sunday and I would be filled. I was! I joined about three weeks later. One if the best things I’ve ever done. No judgement, come as you are. Loving people that are actually happy to meet you. Awesome Worship team. Kyle preaches with meaning you will leave service knowing and understanding much more than when you came in. Also all the great programs that will fit everyone’s needs one way or more. I love my church and church family.

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