Your Identity

Because you are precious in my sight and honored, and I love you…

Isaiah 43:4a

I felt a push from the Holy Spirit this morning to share with you some of your identity in Christ from the Old Testament.  See, there is no one exempt from being attacked by spiritual forces through those voices in our heads, that say, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ve made too many mistakes”, “I’m ruined”, “My life is worthless”,  and so on.  It is so easy for us to fall in to Satan’s trap of believing those lies.  Therefore, it is of upmost importance that as Christians we reaffirm the power of Christ within us by speaking, to ourselves, biblical truths, like the above verse segment out of Isaiah.  

The truth….

In a short manner, I would like to point out a few truths which God speaks regarding you, through this Old Testament prophet.  I believe are definitely worth note, if not memorizing!   God says to YOU, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed YOU; I have called YOU by YOUR name; YOU ARE MINE” (Is 43:1, emphasis mine).  Let those words sink in.  Even more, TODAY, let those words DEFINE WHO YOU ARE!  Isaiah even shares in the very next verse part of what that means for you TODAY.  He writes, “I (God) will be with YOU when you pass through the waters, and when you pass through the rivers, they will not overwhelm YOU.  YOU will not be scorched when you walk through the fire and the flame will not burn YOU” (Is 43:2, emphasis mine).  May I expound?  No matter how deep your difficulties (both physical, mental, and emotional) are TODAY, God WILL NOT let you drown.  No matter what fire you have to walk through TODAY (issues at work, dealing with marital or financial problems, owning up to a mistake you’ve made, and/or fighting off your enemies), God says, He WILL NOT let you get burned!  Why?  (Hint: go back up to our original verse segment)  God love YOU!  YOU are precious in His sight!  YOU  are honored by Him! 

In times of counseling with someone, I am often asked this question, “Pastor, how do I fight the voices in my head?”.  That’s sure a valid question!  The answer, I believe starts within God’s word and seeking the truth of your identity.  Isaiah 43 is a great place to start.  I pray you’ll take some time and read the chapter in its entirety.  (A helpful hint:  when you see references to “Jacob”, “Israel”, or God’s “people”, read it as if Isaiah is referring to you.)  God loves you!  YOU are precious in His sight!  YOU are honored by Him!  

4 thoughts on “Your Identity”

  1. Randall says:

    I love the teacher that is The Holy Spirit. This is a good way for us to see ourselves-the only way truthfully. I needed to hear it today. Thank you for being God’s chosen vessel to share it!

    1. Kyle Prichard says:

      Sometimes I struggle with getting to a place where I can focus on how God sees me. I don’t think I ever truly get there. I mean it’s so hard for me, as a human to understand how God can look past my many faults. I’m so thankful for a Savior who takes those faults on Himself to make me perfect in God’s eyes!

  2. Joe Hoffman says:

    This is really good. We, sometimes, have too much focus on our unworthiness, however God never intends to give us the feeling that we are not loved in our unworthiness.
    “You are more sinful than you could ever imagine, AND you are more loved than you ever thought you could be.” – John Piper

    This is why the Gospel is so important. It isn’t something that we learn and then leave behind. The Gospel is the proof that God means what he says in Isaiah 43.

    1. Kyle Prichard says:

      I love that quote from Piper! And what truth it holds!!! God’s love for each of us goes deep enough for Him to give up His only begotten to pay the price for our righteousness. Thanks Joe!

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