What Controls Your House?

So now I am no longer the one doing it, but it is sin living in me.

Romans 7:17

God’s intention for mankind, from the beginning, was shalom peace. That is, peace with God, peace with mankind, and peace with nature. Yet, the sin that took place in the Garden of Eden turned that peace on its head. This step, if you will, from temptation into sin created a disharmony with God within all mankind. Hence Paul’s writing that we all sin and fall short of God’s goodness (Rom 3:23). Humanity is cursed. Sin is in the heart of each and every person born of mankind. That is our predicament.

Sin lives in the house

Paul paints a picture in Romans 7:17 of a house. He says one resident of that house is “sin”. Sin lives in the house. Sin lives in my house and your house. See, the temptation to sin is a part of each of our daily lives. It’s there. Sin is in the house. And if we let it, sin will be the controlling factor of our house. As a matter of fact, sin is vying to control us! Here’s a list of some terms of sin that might help you identify some areas where sin might be controlling your house.

  • The sin of ignorance (committing a sin you didn’t realize was a sin)
  • The sin of error (like going astray from God’s pathway)
  • The sin of inattention (committing a sin because your mind is wandering)
  • The sin of missing the mark (The most common use in the New Testament. It literally means missing that at which you were aiming)
  • The sin of irreligion (This is being irreverent to God, or ungodliness)
  • Transgression (This literally means crossing the line, or going against God’s commands.)

These definitions are all included in what we would call “sinful nature”. These are the elements that are fighting to lead your life. To control your house. Committing the above mentioned points are what prove that we are, as Paul puts it, “sold as slaves to sin” (Rom 7:14). In others, we can’t help it. But there is One who can!

Jesus gives us new life!

Jesus gives us new life! He makes us a new creation! When one accepts Jesus, he or she is given a gift. A new controlling factor, in our house, if we’ll let Him be. Be real with yourself a moment. Are any of the above mentioned descriptions of sin a problem in your life? I mean a controlling problem. If one or more of those sins are a struggle for you, I suggest the problem is who or what is controlling your house. Is it Satan, the great deceiver and liar that wants to knock you off your walk with God, or are you “walking by the Spirit” so that you will “not carry out the desires of the flesh” (Gal 5:16)? I am praying that you be real about that situation today. Right now. And I’m praying that you, like I have done this morning, will acknowledge those sins that are listed above to God, so that He may instantly forgive you and make you righteously whole again. It starts with an honest conversation with God. Then allow yourself to grow in the Spirit through the Word, prayer, and worship, and you find that, all of a sudden, there a new reckoning force growing inside of you that is defeating the enemy and bringing shalom peace into your life!

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